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ah! let me introduce myself.

Hello, there! First of all, thanks for stopping by and checking out my world. Ah! Creatives, which stands for Amber Heiser Creatives is my new self. New self meaning, prior to Amber Heiser, I was Amber Alwin up until October of 2014.

October 2014, I married my husband, Matthew. We got married on our 10 year anniversary. That's right! We've been together ever since October 2004. I'm not going to go into the mushy stuff but it was your high school love story of boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, but with a distance and an age gap. I was a 15 yr old sophomore and he was a 17 yr old senior, at two different high schools. One in Chicago, the other in La Grange. How did we meet? Well, before MySpace our best friends met through a social media site called BuddyPic. We then met each other through them at one of our high school's pep rallies and the rest was history.

We have yet to start a family, but we do have and love our two fur babies; Luckee & Slevin. Luckee is a black and white tabby, three years old, 4 in September. Slevin is a orange tabby who Matt rescued from a rest stop in Indiana so we're not too sure how old he is but we've had him since 2012, exactly one week after Matt proposed! So, Slevin is approximately 5-6 years old. If you're at all familiar with their names, yes, we named them after the movie, Lucky Number Slevin. Starring Morgan Freeman, Josh Hartnett, and Bruce Willis. Not sure why we named them after that movie, other than my husband deciding to and well, because the movie is so damn good! Watch it. I promise you won't be disappointed.


So - the real introduction. How did I get here?

Ever since I was a kid, I was always drawing and crafting. In High School, I found myself always involved in art. I was fortunate enough to attend a large public school, Lyons Township, and had the opportunity to select from various art field related classes as my electives. I took every class I could including drawing, painting, ceramics and metals, photography, HTML/CSS, graphic design, animation, etc. Then came my senior year - what did I want to do? It was an obvious answer; art!

Now, without opening the door too wide, I'll try to tell the shortened version. I played competitive volleyball all throughout Jr High to my senior year in high school. I played on various traveling club teams. I had played my senior year in high school and then started what I had thought to be my last season of club volleyball. That was, until I was asked if I would be interested to play volleyball in College.

I graduated high school in June 2007 with a signed letter of intent to play volleyball for Robert Morris College (then changed to Robert Morris University Illinois) in Chicago, which was in the NAIA division. I received athletic, academic and art related scholarships and grants. If it weren't for volleyball, I'm not 100% certain that I would of attended College. Fast forward to 2010 - I had played 4 total seasons, received athletic awards and graduated with cum laude honors with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Graphic Arts.

That's how I'm here today as a 'jack of trades' creator. This is just the beginning because there's so much more than design here at Ah! Creatives.


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